Sam Samster

Sam Samster

Sappho Brodey

Sappho Brodey



The Elusive Mouffe

The Elusive Mouffe


4 Responses

  1. Sam Samster and Sappho Brodey are the Oakville cats. Silky (Pilky) and elusive Mouffe are the Yellow Springs cats. The cats communicate with one another through luggage. When I come home from a visit, Sam and Sappho spend a lot of time lying on suitcases that have visited Yellow Springs. Somehow the scent and fur of Silky and Mouffe travel internationally.

  2. I’m not sure how you got Sappho to make a pirate face, but it’s quite effective.

  3. Sam looks as if he is posing for the camera.

  4. Yeah, Sam’s a poser. Not camera shy at all.

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